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Four Must Do’s for Developing an Engaged Hybrid and Remote Workforce

employee engagement in a remote workforce

From masking to social distancing to contact tracing, we’ve learned to live with COVID-19. But if the Omicron variant has taught us anything, it’s that the pandemic still has a few curveballs up its sleeve. So once again, we’re reimagining the future of work, adopting new behaviors, and changing the trajectory of remote work by […]

Top HR trends for 2022

HR Trends for 2022-Ragan Workplace Wellness

Wondering the top HR trends for 2022? 2021 was rocked by almost constant uncertainty and rapid workplace shifts. That momentum, fueled by the ongoing pandemic and “Great Resignation,” shows no signs of stopping in the new year. And the onus is on employers to keep up with rising employee expectations — and demands. Our new […]

The Most Important Trends in Human Resources You Need to Follow

2022 Human Resources Trends

Throughout the years, trends in human resources have continually changed to reflect the ever-evolving workplace and 2021 was no different. The impact of the pandemic, Great Resignation, and evolving -talent landscape has led to a wave of changes in our lives, relationships, and what matters to our colleagues. Even the CHRO’s role has dramatically evolved […]

Here’s your Playbook to Boost Benefits Enrollment During Open Enrollment

open enrollment

Open enrollment is underway and will likely run through mid-December. Helping employees select the right health insurance and voluntary benefits takes a lot of work, especially with the continuation of a relatively large remote workforce. There’s lots of information, confusing terms, and various plans employees can enroll in. You’re introducing materials, answering questions about copayments, […]

How to Select a Communications Technology Platform HR Will Use (+ Bonus Checklist)

Choosing a communications technology platform

Choosing the right communications technology platform to help manage the HR business function is the backbone of any HR department. The right HR technology stack increases productivity, is less labor intensive, and automates tedious manual workflows, leaving more room for human tasks. Technical advances in recent years have also led to a rise in digital […]

Three Questions HR Must Ask to Help Employees Maintain a Healthy Household

Healthy household

In today’s climate, personalization is critical for making employees feel appreciated, happy, and supported. In the same way, many retailers have moved into omnichannel selling, employers must embrace an employee-centric mindset. Providing various types of relevant information where and when they need it most attracts better talent, elicits loyalty and, most importantly, builds a level […]

Evive Named Timmy Award’s Best Tech for Good Regional Winner for Second Year in a Row

Paradox Between Employers and Employees

Evive’s Personalized Communications Platform Recognized as One of the Region’s Best Technologies to Help Increase Benefits Utilization and Improve the Employee Experience CHICAGO – October 7, 2021 – Evive, the leader in digital engagement and communication technology, today landed the Regional Timmy Award in the Best Tech for Good category for Chicago, making it two […]

Weathering the Great Resignation: Onboarding New Hires for Long-Term

Great resignation onboarding

2021 will long be remembered not just for COVID-19, but as the year of the “Great Resignation,” when millions of employees called it quits. This mass exodus began for many reasons, from employees who put off leaving at the height of the pandemic, to those in search of better pay or greater flexibility in their […]

Helping Employees Maintain Work-Life Balance and Avoid Burnout

work life balance

As COVID reared its ugly head, organizations figured out how to pivot to a remote workforce. What quickly ensued was the loss between work life and home life. Many employees put in more hours than ever before because they didn’t have experience separating work from home life at home, often finding themselves in front of […]

Four Strategies to Manage PTSD in the Workplace

PTSD Article in Thrive Global Logo with purple overlay

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the prevalence of PTSD symptoms among the general public increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. As employees gradually return to the office, HR and managers need to anticipate high stress levels, anxiety, and depression. Many employees will feel apprehensive about returning to work and the uncertainties ahead. […]