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Life-Changing Results from the Closed Loop

Earlier this year, I wrote about why our commitment to the closed loop is so vital, and how it leads to real outcomes. Now, I’d like to examine the loop a little closer. Even incremental changes can cause a major impact on the bottom line—both for the business investment and in people’s lives. Little reminders […]

Why We Need to Challenge the Status Quo in HR

Emerging technology is taking over the product world in many ways, across many industries. We hear how technologies like Cloud, Blockchain, and artificial intelligence are the keys to innovation, and how major companies are using them to enhance their product offerings. But the truth is, such innovation can lead to improvements in many departments, not […]

Member Satisfaction isn’t Just a Metric—it’s a Value

Employees have a lot to think about every day. While they’re of course focused on their jobs, they’re also concerned about their families, health, financial goals, and other important things in life—and having the right benefits at their disposal goes a long way in easing those worries. However, because of the way benefits are often […]

How Do You Turn Nudges into Outcomes? Close the Loop

Adherence to preventive screenings. Drastic cost savings. Early cancer detections. All things we measure, and all amazing, life-changing impacts. At Evive, we’re all about connecting people with their benefits—but increased utilization isn’t the be-all, end-all. It’s merely a step in the right direction of making people’s lives better and solving those employer pain points. Of […]