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Top HR trends for 2022

HR Trends for 2022-Ragan Workplace Wellness

Wondering the top HR trends for 2022? 2021 was rocked by almost constant uncertainty and rapid workplace shifts. That momentum, fueled by the ongoing pandemic and “Great Resignation,” shows no signs of stopping in the new year. And the onus is on employers to keep up with rising employee expectations — and demands. Our new […]

The Most Important Trends in Human Resources You Need to Follow

2022 Human Resources Trends

Throughout the years, trends in human resources have continually changed to reflect the ever-evolving workplace and 2021 was no different. The impact of the pandemic, Great Resignation, and evolving -talent landscape has led to a wave of changes in our lives, relationships, and what matters to our colleagues. Even the CHRO’s role has dramatically evolved […]

Tech Founder Interview: Prashant Srivastava @ EVIVE

Tech Founder Insivia

Did you ever wonder the story behind tech founder Prashant Srivastava, Evive’s CEO and founder? Here’s an in-depth interview with the hosts of Insivia’s Tech Founder show about Prashant, why he started Evive and how he has helped large and midsize companies contain costs and optimize the employee experience across their diverse populations. Evive uses […]