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Customer Experience (CX) and the ‘Great Resignation’


It’s clear that the Great Resignation will create challenges for senior leaders and HR departments. What’s less clear is whether it will make it difficult (or easier?) to find those interested in customer experience (CX) roles — and how it will affect their ability to collaborate with other parts of the business. Evive’s Elisabeth Duncan […]

Top HR trends for 2022

HR Trends for 2022-Ragan Workplace Wellness

Wondering the top HR trends for 2022? 2021 was rocked by almost constant uncertainty and rapid workplace shifts. That momentum, fueled by the ongoing pandemic and “Great Resignation,” shows no signs of stopping in the new year. And the onus is on employers to keep up with rising employee expectations — and demands. Our new […]

Are you Viewing your Workforce in the Right Way?

viewing Workforce The Food Institute

Human relations vice president Elisabeth Duncan of Evive told The Food Institute employers need to start viewing their workforces differently, realizing they have four generations working side by side, each with different needs. All are looking for shorter workweeks, but the cohorts rank other benefits differently. Here’s what you need to know about benefits usage per […]

Weathering the Great Resignation: Onboarding New Hires for Long-Term

Great resignation onboarding

2021 will long be remembered not just for COVID-19, but as the year of the “Great Resignation,” when millions of employees called it quits. This mass exodus began for many reasons, from employees who put off leaving at the height of the pandemic, to those in search of better pay or greater flexibility in their […]