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Closing the Loop to Contain Costs

Closed Loop

The closed-loop system at Evive makes amazing outcomes possible in a number of ways. I’ve previously written about the life-changing results it brings—things like early diagnoses, adherence to future recommended care, and better health overall. But along with living healthier lives, people benefit from reduced and avoided expenses: money saved from unnecessary treatments or choosing […]

Personalized from the Start: The Future of Benefits

We’ve been on this journey of employee benefits for a long time—more than 100 years, in fact. An important milestone that started it all was when American Express Co. created the nation’s first private pension plan in 1875. At that time, benefits were one-size-fits-all, which made sense. The concept of adding pension plans was a […]

What Makes a Company Great? Look at the Customer

Employee Journey Personalized Engagement

I am often asked: What does it take to build a great company? There are many philosophies business leaders can reference to answer this question, but I’m particularly fond of the approach by Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great. He explains the Hedgehog Concept, the idea that success comes from a deep understanding […]

Life-Changing Results from the Closed Loop

Earlier this year, I wrote about why our commitment to the closed loop is so vital, and how it leads to real outcomes. Now, I’d like to examine the loop a little closer. Even incremental changes can cause a major impact on the bottom line—both for the business investment and in people’s lives. Little reminders […]

Redefining the Employee Experience

Health outcomes have long been the primary focus for benefits professionals, but there are many more opportunities to consider now. We can put our benefits to work in new ways and impact the employee experience in avenues we may not have considered before, beyond simply health. During my time at Kohl’s, I learned this first-hand. […]

Are Your Member Profiles Complete?

As forward-thinking employers, we all strive for our employees to feel supported at work and able to accomplish what they want in life. So what types of things help us achieve that? What sets us up for success in that realm? It’s a whole multitude of factors, like competitive salaries, positive office culture, and, of […]

How Do You Turn Nudges into Outcomes? Close the Loop

Adherence to preventive screenings. Drastic cost savings. Early cancer detections. All things we measure, and all amazing, life-changing impacts. At Evive, we’re all about connecting people with their benefits—but increased utilization isn’t the be-all, end-all. It’s merely a step in the right direction of making people’s lives better and solving those employer pain points. Of […]