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Add Value by Giving a Holistic View: The 360 Approach

Think for a moment about your entire benefits ecosystem. Several vendors provide care for your employees—from health plans, to onsite clinics, to centers of excellence. Some of them have help lines with customer-service representatives (CSRs) to help your employees get the most out of their benefits. Whether it’s an advocate at an EAP, a nurse […]

Shopping for a Solution? Here’s Where Evive Fits in

There are so many vendors and so many categories in this marketplace, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly who does what and where they all fit in. As a former consultant in this space, I’m no stranger to the challenges of navigating these solutions and identifying which clients would benefit most from which ones. […]

More Than a Hub: Solving All Pain Points with Data-Driven Guidance

You build your benefits ecosystem with offerings that check all the boxes: health insurance, retirement savings, and let’s not forget the work/life perks like employee assistance programs or gym discounts. These are the sorts of things people expect to receive from their employer, and they generally know what problems these benefits will solve. But what […]

Life-Changing Results from the Closed Loop

Earlier this year, I wrote about why our commitment to the closed loop is so vital, and how it leads to real outcomes. Now, I’d like to examine the loop a little closer. Even incremental changes can cause a major impact on the bottom line—both for the business investment and in people’s lives. Little reminders […]

Personalizing Mass Outreach Down to Each Person

Imagine you have an important piece of news you want to deliver to an employee, or a specific group of employees—anything from announcing a local onsite event, to sharing a new benefit, to recognizing a work anniversary. How would you get that message out? A meeting? Maybe, if you could get everyone in the same […]

Better Engagement Starts with the Right Plan

That time of year has snuck up on us once again: a busy period of paperwork, presentations, and answering questions from perplexed employees. According to the 2018 Aflac WorkForces Report, nearly one in five employees surveyed didn’t feel confident they understood the benefits they signed up for after open enrollment. Between the pain points employers […]

Redefining the Employee Experience

Health outcomes have long been the primary focus for benefits professionals, but there are many more opportunities to consider now. We can put our benefits to work in new ways and impact the employee experience in avenues we may not have considered before, beyond simply health. During my time at Kohl’s, I learned this first-hand. […]