Top-tier Clients Join Evive Roster in 2017

Evive, the leader in enterprise benefits engagement, welcomed a diverse group of companies and their associates to the Evive family in 2017, among them General Mills, Health Transformation Collaborative (HTC), Iron Mountain Incorporated, NRG Energy, Inc., Quest Diagnostics, Travelers, and UPS.

Combined, these employers represent more than 600,000 additional covered employees and family members. The companies span a range of industries, including delivery, information storage, food, apparel, energy, insurance, and health. They understand the role of benefits as a strategy for attracting, retaining, and rewarding their ideal workforces.

“As we help people with their health, financial, and overall well-being goals, our employees see that we think about them as complete individuals with different needs, who bring a lot of value to our company,” says Scott Kirschner, Director of Benefits Strategy at Iron Mountain Incorporated. “It goes beyond a health plan, point of care services, or a wellness program.  It involves the entire package of benefits, including financial and work/life programs and services that we offer and that may be most important to the person.”

“We want our employees to get the most out of all of their benefits, today and in the future,” agrees Edward Long, Corporate Health Care Director at UPS, “so an evolving technology that engages employees in highly personalized ways is very appealing. As we work to attract and retain the best employees, we too are reaching beyond wellness, toward benefits like financial wellbeing and retirement planning.”

For Evive, it’s further evidence of the company’s growing influence in the marketplace. “The influx of new companies validates not only the engagement model Evive invented,” explains Jeff Lietz, Evive’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, “but also the innovations that continue to address each employer’s pain points, while simplifying their employee benefits experience.”

Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2017, Evive recently launched the latest version of the MyEvive benefits platform, a suite of data-driven solutions that includes a web app, mobile app, module for third-party portals, and direct mail.

The year also saw the reimagining of the Evive brand. “It’s important that employers readily understand our value proposition as a benefits optimizer,” explains Michael Matascik, Vice President of Marketing. “At the same time, we want to make clear the passion we have for helping people love the experience of using their benefits. The newly relaunched Evive brand accomplishes both.”

As employers continue to take a more holistic and creative approach to benefits, Evive continues to innovate and evolve in the benefits space. In fact, CEO and co-founder Prashant Srivastava, PhD, credits these new companies, along with Evive’s existing client partners, with helping the company to address the next hurdles for HR teams.

“We think of each of our clients as a partner in Evive’s continuing development,” Srivastava explains. “We listen. Then we help them meet their strategic goals while solving some of their most pressing engagement problems,” he adds. “We’re proud to share in creating these ‘win-win’ situations for our clients and their workforces.”


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Evive changes how people use benefits. Integrating richly layered data sets that represent the whole person, Evive activates principles of predictive analytics and behavioral economics to inspire awareness, motivate intelligent decision-making, and obtain demonstrable outcomes. A flexible portfolio of solutions offers engagement across a range of configurations, from health to wealth to work/life. Evive’s platform-agnostic, SaaS-based services help people to improve their lives and Fortune 1000 enterprises to optimize their investments. Contact to learn more.


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