Evive Launches Internal Incubator to Develop the Next Wave of Tech Innovations for Solving HR Challenges

Evive Labs to incubate disruptive solutions based on immersive technologies and machine learning.

Evive, the leader in enterprise benefits engagement, today announces the formation of Evive Labs, an independent operating unit designed to develop next-generation technologies in the areas of employee benefits and human-capital management.

Evive Labs is charged with pushing the boundaries of evolving technologies such as deep learning, augmented reality, and conversational interfaces, to create revolutionary applications for interacting with health, financial, and work/life benefits.

“We created Evive Labs to focus on the long-term opportunities we see in the employer technology space,” explains Prashant Srivastava, Evive President and Chief Executive Officer. “Evive Labs allows us to assimilate and interpret new technologies in innovative ways, so we can continue to make great strides in our mission to improve lives by changing the way people experience benefits.”

Though Evive’s advances in big data and predictive analytics serve as the foundation, Evive Labs operates apart from the company’s day-to-day research and other development efforts. The dedicated Evive Labs team is led by Raghu Venkat, Chief Technology Officer, and Keval Desai, Executive Vice President of Product and Delivery.

“The R&D team originally built the Evive platform based on its ability to quickly synthesize existing technologies and develop easily deployable products for our customers,” explains Venkat. “Evive Labs will build upon our already-nimble practice by exploring cutting-edge technologies and their useful applications over the long term.”

“Clean, accurate data-processing is our core competence. Evive’s future focus is on applying better deep learning architectures, more sophisticated virtual reality frameworks, and smarter natural language processing algorithms on top of that data,” adds Desai.

Venkat and Desai were responsible for building the current Evive R&D team and technology architecture, and through Evive Labs, they will work with Dr. Arun Rajagopalan, Director, Data Science. Dr. Arun built the data science team and the machine learning and artificial intelligence for Evive’s current predictive analytics platform. Anchored by this trio, Evive Labs also will recruit forward-thinking researchers in the fields of data science, psychology, and human behavior.

“It’s exciting to see our firm’s long-term commitment to applied technology research to continue to transform the employee experience,” adds Dr. Arun.

Srivastava concludes, “The addition of Evive Labs reflects our disciplined approach to nurturing innovation. Now we have two avenues for helping our large employer clients solve their most pressing human-capital concerns: one that focuses on employee experiences that solve today’s HR challenges, and another that harnesses disruptive technologies to create the next generation of experiences for the workforce of the future.”

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