Evive to Double Office Space to Accommodate Company Growth and Marketplace Receptivity to Predictive Engagement Strategies

Evive announced today that it will be doubling its office space later this summer to accommodate for company growth and increased staffing so as to better serve Evive’s expanding roster of Fortune 500 clients nationwide. Evive is the nation’s leading personalized health engagement company and a pioneer in the field of predictive analytics.

“We are seeing an increasing number of employers nationwide embrace the Evive approach and the smart use of predictive analytics as a way to optimize employee engagement and satisfaction with health benefit programs,” says Evive Chief Executive Officer Peter Saravis.

“Our expansion is a direct result of this marketplace receptivity and of the role Evive intends to continue to play in defining this very important space.” Located on West Van Buren Avenue in Chicago, Evive’s office space will grow from 8,000 square feet to 16,500 in August commensurate with employee growth to 50 and anticipated continued growth to 70 by yearend. Saravis says that his company’s expansion “will create some exciting IT jobs and career paths in the Chicago market and further fuel the economic engine of this exciting city.”

According to Saravis, an increasing number of employers nationwide are realizing that improvement in benefits utilization should be a top priority in their human resource agenda if they are to attract and maintain a healthy and happy workforce. Since its founding in 2007, Evive has been working with employers nationwide to increase such engagement by replacing generic communication messaging with highly personalized engagement. This addresses each employee’s priorities and personal health needs in a way that leads to better outcomes and greatly enhanced satisfaction with the company’s benefits offerings.

“Increased employee engagement in health benefits programs has been shown to not only improve employee health but can save employers and employees significant dollars while serving as a key differentiator in an organization’s employee retention strategy,” says Saravis.


About Evive
Evive changes how people use benefits. Integrating richly layered data sets that represent the whole person, Evive activates principles of predictive analytics and behavioral economics to inspire awareness, motivate intelligent decision-making, and obtain demonstrable outcomes. A flexible portfolio of solutions offers engagement across a range of configurations, from health to wealth to work/life. Evive’s platform-agnostic, SaaS-based services help people to improve their lives and Fortune 1000 enterprises to optimize their investments. To learn more, contact press@evivehealth.com.


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