Evive CEO Prashant Srivastava Offers Advice About Entrepreneurship in Forbes

Evive co-founder, President, and CEO Prashant Srivastava is now a regular contributor to the Forbes Chicago Business Council. The Council is a community for business leaders in Chicago to share insights from their entrepreneurship experiences.

Srivastava joined the community in early 2018 and has been quick to lend his expertise to budding entrepreneurs. His first article, Five Tips for Fostering a Workplace Culture of Continuous Learning, discussed the need for developing a culture that encourages learning and development. Based on his own reflections from building that culture at Evive, Srivastava offered guidance for new entrepreneurs looking to create that same culture. These findings included determining the curriculum you want to offer, encouraging everyone—C-level employees included—to participate and share experiences, and aiming for consistent improvement and evolution in your approach.

“That level of satisfaction, engagement, and connection you could see just by instilling the value of continuous learning your company? That may be the most important lesson of all,” he wrote.

Srivastava’s most recent contribution is Think Successful Entrepreneurs Are Born That Way? Guess Again. This piece delved more into the characteristics it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. As pointed out in the title, Srivastava referenced how although entrepreneurship may feel like an instinct to some, carrying that vision through to a winning business takes a lot more work and commitment than just the passion alone.

“The road is long for a reason. There will be times of apathy and times of difficulty,” he wrote. “A major part of being an entrepreneur is not getting discouraged but instead having the belief to persevere, keep grinding, and eventually break through.”

Srivastava will address topics such as assembling the right leadership team when starting a business, and important things to know about your consumer audience, in his next installments.


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