Evive at NBGH Workforce Strategy 2018

Thank you to the National Business Group on Health for having us at Workforce Strategy 2018and to everyone who stopped by our lounge! We had many great conversations, heard our VP of Product Development and Strategy Lenny Fayard speak at a panel discussion on engagement technology, and created something really big.

That “something big” was our hashtag mosaic, comprised of nearly 4,000 selfies and other photos posted on social media, arranged on a nine-foot-tall column to form two larger-than-life portraits. This was to demonstrate that when it comes to benefits, only one thing matters: You. So our lounge celebrated that, at Evive, “it’s all about You”every, individual person.

The panel discussion, “A Look Under the Hood at Engagement Platforms,” was an opportunity for product leaders to answer questions on how today’s technologies and tomorrow’s innovations are helping HR professionals deliver more intuitive employee experiences. The session opened by noting the primary issue for employers right now: engagement.

President and CEO of NBGH Brian Marcotte, who moderated the panel, pointed out that 55% of employers want to implement virtual solutions for 2019 to improve engagement. The key to this discussion was: How can employers follow through on this promise of personalization to employees?

“Meet them where they are, give them something to do, and make the content relevant,” Fayard said, describing the three pillars of Evive solutions. “We need to make it really simple for people to access information.”

The conversation then went into simplifying existing HR portals today, and how engagement technology comes into play. Fayard discussed the need for a single point of access, because with all the “at-a-glance information” available to people today, they need to know exactly where to go when they have a particular need.

One employer in the audience asked about the challenge of personalization in real time. Fayard responded, “We look at the progression of the data and say, ‘When should that message go out and what should that message be?’ With benefits messaging, we need to be both relevant and accurate.”

Each speaker on the panel was then asked to share the “common definition of engagement” in their world. Fayard summed it up by pointing out the Evive approach to client partnerships, and a core element of Evive’s mission.

“We look at it as co-innovating with our clients,” he said, “and using data-driven guidance to solve problems.”

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All photos, with the exception of the panel discussion, were taken by Scott Lowden of Scott Lowden Photography.

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