Evive Hosts Compelling Panel Discussion on Benefits Engagement at NBGH Workforce Strategy 2017

On September 27, 2017, Evive joined forces with senior HR executives from Iron Mountain, Lowe’s, and PepsiCo for an engaging panel discussion at the NBGH Workforce Strategy 2017 conference. The session focused on identifying impactful ways to cover the last mile in connecting employees with their benefits, a topic that drew about 450 attendees.

The panelentitled The Moments That Matter: The Last Mile in Connecting Employees to Their Benefitswas moderated by Evive co-founder and CEO, Prashant Srivastava, PhD, who led an enlightening conversation about the need to simplify benefits. “We engage employees in ways that are personally meaningful and relevant, but more importantly, we do so at the precise time the benefits can have the most impact,” he said, speaking to Evive’s mission.

Srivastava was joined by three insightful guest speakers: Scott Kirschner, Senior Director of Global Benefits for Iron Mountain; Eric Foster, Director of Health & Wellness Benefits for Lowe’s; and Erik Sossa, Vice President of Global Benefits and Wellness for PepsiCo.

While the topic that may have attracted people initially was the general discussion of benefits engagement, the group kept returning to the most common pain point: how to get employees engaged with benefits in that last milethe important space that actually causes employees to act. Evive recognizes that a substantial part of connecting employees with benefits is understanding the difference between a person almost doing something and a person doing something that can change his or her life.

Concepts of the “last mile” and “moments that matter” spurred an enthusiastic conversation about the need to put more focus on these factors in order to produce results.

“Employers had lost the value proposition for benefits. They had become something employees had to deal with,” said Erik Sossa.

To Sossa’s point, the panel explored how the outlook on benefits needed to changefor employers and employees alike. Each speaker shared their own insights from managing benefits for their companies and why they felt there was room for a drastic improvement. They explained how after sending critical communications to employees about their benefits in the times they’re most likely to use them, great things happened: employees used their benefits and got the care they needed.

Scott Kirschner expressed his appreciation for seeing messages encapsulate the “right time, right place, and right quality”a full package that is much more likely to increase benefits utilization.

“The only way to control costs for chronic conditions is to communicate with people who have those conditions,” said Kirschner. “And they want to know, ‘how is this going to help me?’”

Eric Foster noted the value in seeing increased impressions as a result of communications sent to employees, as well as in “measuring the number of times a person took an action.” Further embracing the meaning of the “moments that matter,” Foster also explained the need for employers to move away from seeking a one-size-fits-all approach to benefits, specifically by eliminating the word “just” from their vocabulary.

“When you have a really diverse workforce, there is no ‘just do this’ or ‘just do that’ in healthcare.” said Foster. “Everything is hard, and messaging needs to be personalized so that each message is clear and valuable.”

Simply put, people are more likely to take action when receiving communications in the ways they want to be engaged. Sossa shared that, with Evive’s technology, PepsiCo added 40,000 users in just six months, “putting the benefit back into benefits.”

Additionally, Kirschner noted that while Iron Mountain’s historic average annual health plan trend had been 10.8% per year, it has since averaged 1.1% per year with two years of flat growth including 2018.

The need for meaningful communications at the right times was made apparent by our panel during their exchangeand was deemed key to successful benefits engagement. We invite you to continue the conversation by reaching out to us at contact@goevive.com or via Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook.

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