Evive at The Conference Board’s 18th Annual Employee Health Care Conference: Unifying the Employee Benefits Experience

We hope you were able to see us at The Conference Board’s 18th Annual Employee Health Care Conference!

Magda Rusinowski, Director of U.S. Health and Welfare Benefits for PepsiCo and Prashant Srivastava, Co-founder and CEO of Evive came together for an engaging session on unifying the benefits experience for every employee. Here are some key highlights from the conversations we had in New York City and San Diego:

Companies like PepsiCo create products with the goal of reaching consumers wherever they are. Employers should think the same way about employee benefitsgive people choices and make those choices easy to find and use.

“I feel responsible for 180,000 employees, spouses, and adult dependents,” said Rusinowski, conveying how important it is for every employee in her company (and their families) to be connected with their benefits in meaningful ways.

Identifying the communication channel for each employee is key, as well as the individual motivators for each person. How does each person prefer to be reached, and how do we inspire them to take action?

“Provocative messages about relevant benefits make employees take notice and action,” Rusinowski noted. “We used to be vendor-centric, not member-centric. Now we communicate to each person about benefits they need at the most relevant moments.”

We make this possible by doing three crucial things:

1. Meeting people where they are.

2. Giving everybody a place to go.

3. Creating a seamless, unified experience.

Enter the 360-degree approach, which gives existing vendors greater insights into the employees who call them. This creates a system that provides more value for employees, employers, and benefit vendorsultimately, a win-win-win- situation.

“Rather than creating a great ad campaign, we’ve created a great ad system to get people to use their benefits,” concluded Srivastava.

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