Evive at The Conference Board 19th Annual Employee Healthcare Conference

We ventured to San Diego and New York City this spring for The Conference Board’s 19th Annual Employee Healthcare Conference. In addition to a booth experience all about big data and little nudges, we co-presented with Gap Inc. at the session “Fresh Recruit to Seasoned Alumni: Engagement for the Entire Employee Journey.”

Jeni Chih, Sr. Director of Global Benefits for Gap Inc. and Sara Huang, Manager of Benefits for Gap Inc. spoke with Allen Kline, EVP of Client Experience for Evive about making benefits relevant at every stage of the employee lifecycle. It was a compelling presentation of how nurturing each employee milestone ultimately supports a more loyal workforce, and an all-around better employee experience.

“For our part-time and seasonal population, we didn’t have a way to communicate with them,” said Chih. “We needed to convey the benefits value proposition to all our different kinds of employeesacross all seven of our companies.”

Gap Inc. isn’t alone in this challenge. For industries with an abundance of part-time and seasonal employees spread across multiple locations, poor engagement can be a riskmaking targeted, personalized messaging that much more critical.

Kline shared how this led to a natural opportunity for co-innovation between Evive and the major retailer. “Gap pushed us, in a good way, to focus on not just the benefits-eligible population, but how we could influence the part-time population.”

Huang reiterated this, saying the collaboration has helped their employees get the most out of the benefits they already have. “We’ve seen a huge increase in employees interacting with our marketplace, and we’re seeing a lot of gaps in care being closed with MyEvive.”

But it’s not stopping there. The presenters went on to share that Gap Inc. sees the value of using tailored communications for a wide range of purposeslike distributing a benefits value survey to part-time workers, or even reaching people in the wake of a natural disaster.

What’s more, the data insights from MyEvive have revealed some interestingand at times, surprisingfindings about the engagement level with certain benefits. Although internal assumptions can be made, sometimes the most in-demand benefits are from programs we’d least expect. For instance, Chih noted, “Our pet-insurance program had more clicks than our 401(k) program!”

The innovative approach Gap Inc. has taken with benefits engagement is empowering them to deliver better experiences, lower recruitment costs, and reduce risks. As Kline put it, “These relevant user journeys are key to creating stickiness.”

Want to learn more about this approach? Download our white paper, Applicant, Associate, Alum: Viewing the Employee Lifecycle Holistically.

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