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The Foundation of True Benefits Engagement? Trust

A survey last fall sparked a conversation about consumer trust, and it hasn’t stopped. The 11th annual Trust Index survey by ReviveHealth reported a key piece of information for HR professionals: Average consumers gave their health insurers a trust score of 69 out of 100, significantly lower than their ratings for hospitals or physicians. If […]

After the Plan is Selected, What Stands Between People and Their Health Benefits?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: benefits have long been perceived as complex and need to be simplified. While our solutions do the heavy lifting to anticipate specific benefits people will need at the time they need them, we recognize there can still be some disconnect. Just because the benefits are put […]

Want to Solve Problems? Walk in the Shoes of the End User

Improving benefits engagement is no easy task. In designing Evive’s solutions, we recognized the hurdles to overcome to make the experience a simple one. By nature, that means understanding the user’s point of view—and designing for the user is how we’re changing the way people experience benefits. Employers see real results from their investment, and […]

Artificial Intelligence is Everywhere. How Will it Affect Benefits?

Most people know time is of the essence when diagnosing a stroke: the quicker the diagnosis, the better the chances for a good outcome. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved an artificial intelligence app that can identify the possibility of a stroke in about six minutes! The power of AI is undeniable—and it’s everywhere […]

Wages, Perks, Culture: Why We Need Them All

Competitive salaries and tailored benefits attract great candidates—but companies can do even more to create exceptional employee experiences as they build the workforce they want. It’s called company culture, and it can be the difference between an employer that has to work to find good candidates and the one that star prospects actively seek out. […]

Layer Technology with Human Support: The Importance of Both in Benefits Communications

“Hey, Alexa! Which benefits should I choose?” We may not be that far from the day when artificial intelligence can assess an individual’s unique circumstances, stage in life, number of dependents, and past benefits utilization, and determine an optimal benefits package that is relevant to that person. Or are we already there? Selecting benefits is […]

Can Benefits Stay Relevant After an Employee Leaves? Look at the Entire Employee Lifecycle

We recently explored how using benefits as a tool to recruit and retain can help you create the workforce you want. This covers employees in two stages: pre-hire and post-hire. Now let’s think beyond that—there is a subsequent piece in the employee lifecycle. How can benefits play a role after an employee leaves the company? […]

How Did We Get Here? A History of Benefits

We work with HR professionals in a variety of businesses—some who are new to the benefits industry and others who have spent decades in the field. Total rewards is a relatively recent invention from the aughts, but the roots of what most employees expect today go back nearly 400 years! And from the start, it […]

Helping People Make Better Benefits Decisions

With open enrollment fresh on our minds, it’s crucial to ask ourselves: How many employees truly understand the benefits choices before them? Most people do one of two things: 1. make selections solely based on the deductions they can afford each month 2. give up and make no change at all In fact, less than […]