Monthly Archives: September 2019

Evive at EBN Benefits Forum + Expo 2019

We enjoyed connecting with those of you who attended EBN’s Benefits Forum and Expo 2019! Booth #412 was filled with conversations about #benefitslove and our signature T-shirt giveaways. We also made sure to stop by SoulCycle in the morning to share our message even more—and it was great to see everyone who joined.   Didn’t […]

Looking Back to Look Ahead: What We Can Learn From Our Industry

As someone who’s been in the healthcare space for 30+ years, I’ve seen it evolve in more ways than one. It has informed how I look at consumer experiences across the board, as well as the challenges with treating healthcare consumers like any other. When I entered the larger benefits space, I saw large employers […]

Examining Well-Being Through the Lens of VOI

Something interesting caught our eye in Mercer’s 2018 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans. It wasn’t a surprising outcome or unexplainable trend; it was how large employers are measuring the success of their employee well-being programs.  The new lens through which employers are viewing that success? VOI, or value of investment. It’s a different set […]

Empower Advocates with the Right Information

When people have questions about their benefits, they mainly get answers about their current needs. But what if they were to get intuitive guidance toward future needs as well? While digital navigation is a pillar of achieving such a thing, human support is still needed. Sometimes, people just want to be connected with a live […]