Monthly Archives: January 2019

What Listening Looks Like: A Product Perspective

Listening takes on many forms in a workplace. Last month, Evive’s Director of Human Resources, Elisabeth Duncan, described how our senior leadership engages in intentional listening as a method of staying attuned to an evolving company culture. This method of survey and response is critical in tailoring benefits to an employee population and fostering a […]

What Makes a Company Great? Look at the Customer

I am often asked: What does it take to build a great company? There are many philosophies business leaders can reference to answer this question, but I’m particularly fond of the approach by Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great. He explains the Hedgehog Concept, the idea that success comes from a deep understanding […]

How to Learn About Your Customer in a New B2B Venture

Let’s assume that you have an amazing idea for a new business. Your technology is first-rate, and your product or service offering is faster, better, and cheaper than anything currently available. But without a clear understanding of who will benefit from it, how they research new offerings and where they buy, you might not reach […]

This Year, Prioritize Financial Wellness for Your Employees

Despite rising employment and hiring, the average American worker is still struggling (and for many, the great recession of 2008 never really ended). Recent reports suggest more than a third of Americans cannot pay their bills on time and have related signs of financial vulnerability, to the point where some full-time employees are working second […]