Monthly Archives: May 2018

Evive Book Club Report: The Broken Ladder

When we create anything at Evive, whether it’s a tool to guide people toward in-network healthcare providers, a behaviorally driven nudge to encourage them to save for retirement, or a chatbot to help them quit smoking, we’re creating it for millions of people. Our products need to resonate with people who spend their workdays behind […]

Evive Appoints Allen Kline to Executive Vice President of Client Experience

Evive, the leader in enterprise benefits engagement, expands its client-experience program with the newly created role of Executive Vice President of Client Experience. Industry veteran Allen Kline was tapped for the position. Kline joins Evive following 32 years with national retailer Kohl’s, notably in the areas of human resources operations and benefits. Kline’s deep experience […]

What Stands Between People and Their Financial Benefits?

In part two of our series on what stands in the way of people and their benefits, we explore the critical role financial benefits play in employee satisfaction and retention—and the common barriers that need to be overcome. Part one of our series focused on health benefits, examining why even after a health plan is […]