Monthly Archives: March 2018

Evive at The Conference Board’s 18th Annual Employee Health Care Conference: Unifying the Employee Benefits Experience

We hope you were able to see us at The Conference Board’s 18th Annual Employee Health Care Conference! Magda Rusinowski, Director of U.S. Health and Welfare Benefits for PepsiCo and Prashant Srivastava, Co-founder and CEO of Evive came together for an engaging session on unifying the benefits experience for every employee. Here are some key highlights […]

Artificial Intelligence is Everywhere. How Will it Affect Benefits?

Most people know time is of the essence when diagnosing a stroke: the quicker the diagnosis, the better the chances for a good outcome. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved an artificial intelligence app that can identify the possibility of a stroke in about six minutes! The power of AI is undeniable—and it’s everywhere […]

Wages, Perks, Culture: Why We Need Them All

Competitive salaries and tailored benefits attract great candidates—but companies can do even more to create exceptional employee experiences as they build the workforce they want. It’s called company culture, and it can be the difference between an employer that has to work to find good candidates and the one that star prospects actively seek out. […]