Monthly Archives: February 2018

Layer Technology with Human Support: The Importance of Both in Benefits Communications

“Hey, Alexa! Which benefits should I choose?” We may not be that far from the day when artificial intelligence can assess an individual’s unique circumstances, stage in life, number of dependents, and past benefits utilization, and determine an optimal benefits package that is relevant to that person. Or are we already there? Selecting benefits is […]

Can Benefits Stay Relevant After an Employee Leaves? Look at the Entire Employee Lifecycle

We recently explored how using benefits as a tool to recruit and retain can help you create the workforce you want. This covers employees in two stages: pre-hire and post-hire. Now let’s think beyond that—there is a subsequent piece in the employee lifecycle. How can benefits play a role after an employee leaves the company? […]

How Did We Get Here? A History of Benefits

We work with HR professionals in a variety of businesses—some who are new to the benefits industry and others who have spent decades in the field. Total rewards is a relatively recent invention from the aughts, but the roots of what most employees expect today go back nearly 400 years! And from the start, it […]