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Jumpstarting the Employee Journey

January 21, 2021

Dispersed Workforce Communication + Engagement, Reimagined

Jumpstarting the Employee Journey

Today’s highly dispersed workforce offers clear communication challenges for employees navigating their career growth and the employers who want to attract, engage, and retain them throughout. Let’s turn those challenges into actionable opportunities to help drive success.

Join Evive’s Krupa Patel, Vice President of Solution Consulting and Jennifer Lindner, Director of Product Marketing as they discuss Evive’s Q4 2020 national employee survey results, highlighting key friction points in the employee journey and ways to address them using data and smart communication tactics.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Intriguing insights into employee attitudes from Evive’s Q4 2020 national survey around the employee journey
  • Communication tactics around all touchpoints in the employee journey
  • How data can take this a step further by facilitating just-in-time, automated outreach to ensure your employees receive those pertinent messages


Krupa Patel

VP of Solution Consulting | Evive

Jennifer Lindner

Director of Product Marketing | Evive