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Ignite Member Engagement With the HCSC Toolkit

We’re excited to partner with you to help your members maximize the value of their benefits. This handy customizable digital toolkit will help you increase benefits utilization through MyEvive. 

Tools designed to build a better MyEvive member experience

Explore a range of resources designed to educate members, encourage MyEvive registration and utilization, and support your open enrollment efforts.

Educational materials

Welcome to Evive

FAQs: Common Member Questions

Calendar: Sample Calendar Observances

Best Practices for Promoting MyEvive

Evive Glossary of Terms

Listicle: How to Ignite MyEvive Engagement

Promotional materials

Intro to Evive Video

Evive Overview

MyEvive Overview

MyEvive Launch Slide

Monthly Promotional Emails

Social Media Messages + Graphics

Business Card Template

Postcard Mailer Template

Poster Template

Open enrollment materials

If you need additional materials or have questions, please email us at