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Press Release

Evive Acquires Treatment-Guidance Tool WiserTogether

January 16, 2020

Evive, the leader in enterprise benefits engagement, today announced the acquisition of WiserTogether, a treatment-guidance tool that helps people find the right treatment for them quickly and reliably. Accredited by URAC, WiserTogether provides clinically-verified support to improve health outcomes and reduce medical costs.

Evive’s new online treatment-guidance tool will add context-aware intelligence that guides people to the most recommended, effective treatments based on the user’s symptoms, pre-existing conditions, and past medical claims. Users can view patient and physician ratings, estimated costs, and medical evidence behind the treatment options. This enhanced experience enables each person to get matched with the right treatment for their circumstances, ultimately driving better health outcomes and lower medical costs.

Based on industry data from the Forrester Consumer Technographics Healthcare Online Benchmark Recontact Survey, 39% of U.S. adults search online to diagnose symptoms and ailments, making the need for digital treatment-guidance a crucial one.

“The treatment-guidance functionality of WiserTogether accelerates Evive’s mission to connect people with benefits that will help them live healthier lives,” said VP of Product Management Zach Debelak. “This is empowering Evive to be the first source for treatment guidance that employees can turn to when they have health concerns.”

The treatment-guidance capabilities of WiserTogether will be embedded into the eOS (Evive Operating System) platform in early 2020.

About Evive

Evive changes how people use benefits. Powered by big data and little nudges, Evive seamlessly integrates benefits into the lives of more than 4 million people every day. The company’s EviveOS™ platform provides data-driven experiences that guide people to better health, wealth, and work/life success, while helping Fortune 500 enterprises optimize their investments in people. With large employers and their employees, we’re on a journey toward benefits love.

About WiserTogether

WiserTogether’s personalized healthcare treatment comparison software enables consumers to choose the right treatment – most effective in outcome, most personally suitable, and most cost-effective and affordable. The result is improved health and improved costs for consumers, their employers, payers and providers. The company serves over 3 million people through their employers and health plans.

WiserTogether (EviveWiser Sub LLC) has partnerships with Redbrick, MCG, Peers Health, ODG, HealthDay, RightOpt, and Mayo Clinic.