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Large enterprises know human capital is their differentiator. That’s why they implement carefully- considered experiences across the employee journey and invest thoughtfully in benefits. But our customers have something even greater in common: they understand the value of data-driven messaging
to keep these HR initiatives in sync, impactful, and hitting only the right inboxes at only the right times.

That’s people strategy, supercharged.

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Why we’ll work well together

Deep connections

You’ve made thoughtful benefits investments and choices about technology and platforms. We’re here to play well with that. We already receive data from hundreds of sources, including ben admins, health carriers, and other ecosystem vendors. It’s how we support personalized messaging for our customers today—and for you, tomorrow.

Rich enterprise experience

Our customers span the Fortune 500. Their diverse industries, geographies, and evolving workforce strategies have helped us hone our technology over the past decade—and build out a robust messaging library that touches on the finer intricacies of the employee experience. But we know that you can teach us something new, too.

Designed for busy people

HR leaders—and their teams—are some of the busiest people we know. That’s why we specifically designed technology that doesn’t require manual intervention. Tell us about your strategies and we’ll turn on an automated, data-driven program that drives personalized messaging to the right person at the right time. No buttons to push.

At a glance, the value we bring


average increase

Enhance employee awareness + perception of benefits


average increase

Increase utilization
of transparency


increase in enrollment

Disease management programs: diabetes


average increase

Increase utilization
of telehealth

What our customers have to say

“Evive takes the guesswork out of how to activate and engage employees in employer-sponsored incentives—as well as benefits and programs.”

—Consultant, Solutions Architecture

  Major Health Carrier

Strategy, check. Investments, in place.
Now, ready to see how data delivers?