The employee journey:

Are you in lockstep?

Employee Journey

Timing is everything

Every company communicates—often ad nauseam. But in today’s
distributed workforce, it’s more critical than ever to address unique employees (and their households) at just the right moments in their work/life journeys to drive critical cost-saving (and sometimes life-changing) actions. Those actions move employees forward in their personal pursuits—and move the needle on your organization’s outcomes in terms of recruitment, retention, and cost containment.
It’s a big idea: and that’s why it’s fueled by big data.

Your organization’s success is a story that’s being written collectively by the diverse experiences of employees every day. Smart communication sharpens that narrative.

You already know which areas of your journey need streamlining. Let us help by equipping you with data-driven, automated messaging technology that reaches employees at the right moments in their work/life journeys, enabling better choices—and optimizing business outcomes—at scale.

See how data delivers

Smart messaging made easy

Engagement opportunityBefore EviveWith Evive

Delivering personalized outreach to new hires before Day 1

Leveraging performance review data to drive employees to specific training

Facilitating a manager-employee connection through automated outreach

Recommending health plans + financial accounts based on demographics

Cultivating alumni advocacy through a best-in-class offboarding experience

No matter how you’re looking to drive your employee journey forward, data delivers.