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Cutting Through the Noise

May 8, 2020

How Evive Is Enabling Rapid, Relevant Communication in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Before COVID-19, employers had specific communications strategies for the year. Personalized communication was needed in the right moments to make these strategies a success—but when COVID-19 quickly evolved into a pandemic, it exposed a lack of readiness to send employees rapid, targeted messaging.

This unprecedented crisis has put each of our customers in a unique position, one where all of the communications strategies have had to change. The universal strategy became rapid-response communication to support people in staying healthy during this pandemic—and the Evive platform, equipped with 10 key capabilities, has been prepared to execute.

We’re always passionate about helping companies cut through the noise and communicate more effectively about benefits, safety, and available resources to their teams. The importance of this mission has grown exponentially ever since COVID-19 communications became part of the picture. This eBook shares what we’ve done with our customer partners throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.