Evive at The Conference Board 19th Annual Employee Healthcare Conference

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Be sure to catch us at The Conference Board 2019! We’ll be in San Diego March 19–20 and New York City April 4–5.

On Day One in either city, you can attend our session from 10:40–11:25 a.m. to learn how Gap Inc. uses benefits to engage people throughout the entire employee life cycleresulting in lower recruiting costs, a more loyal workforce, and an all-around better employee experience. Details below:

Fresh Recruit to Seasoned Alumni:
Engagement for the Entire Employee Journey
For many employers, containing healthcare costs is just one of many value drivers. These companies also absorb considerable costs each year related to recruiting and training a continually changing workforce. Hear how one innovative national retailer provides a top-notch engagement experience not only for current employees but also new hires and seasonal associates as well. It’s a compelling story of nurturing each milestone of the employee life cycle as a strategy for lowering costs, inspiring loyalty, and creating a sticky employee experience.

Jeni Chih
Sr. Director, Global Benefits
Gap Inc.

Sara Huang
Manager, Benefits
Gap Inc.

Allen Kline
Executive Vice President of Client Experience

When you’re not at the session, see us at Booth #20 to see how you can bring benefits love to your company. We can’t wait to chat with you.

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