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Case Study

Benefits education

Our impact: measurable + meaningful


$42 billion multinational pharmaceutical and healthcare company


Some of the most common reasons employees won’t engage with their benefits include a lack of knowledge or a failure to understand their value. Like many companies, this pharmaceutical and healthcare organization was looking to educate nearly 100,000 employees about what benefits were available, and deploy the right resources to help them understand how to take full advantage of their plans and programs.


  • Increase benefits awareness and utilization
  • Help employees get the most from their benefits
  • Invest in employee well-being while controlling claim costs

Our approach

By implementing MyEvive, the company now offers employees a centralized platform that provides easy access to all benefits and resources in one place. Evive’s data-driven, personalized messaging provides timely benefit recommendations and reminders, guiding employees to the right resource at the right time to drive utilization and deliver measurable outcomes.

Evive’s automated messaging technology not only improves the physical, financial, and emotional well-being of employees, but helps achieve critical business outcomes— like lower healthcare costs.


  • 99% of Evive users who started their health assessment completed the survey
  • 85% of Evive users obtained a cholesterol screening
  • Cancer treatment due to colorectal cancer prevention among Evive users resulted in an estimated $3.2M total savings

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