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Evive was founded by two people who wanted to challenge the status quo…and did. Since 2007, that spirit has defined our culture. Every day, our people work together to change how the world uses benefits.

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Evive people are game-changers. The work we do is redefining how people experience benefits. We’re passionate about our own ideas, and champion the ideas of others as well. Above all, we’re in this together, bringing the love.

Intellectually curious

Inspired by challenge

Adaptable and flexible


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How we work: a unique team model

The Evive staff is divided into multidisciplinary self-managing teams, each servicing specific customers. This unique model enables our staff to develop close relationships with clients, deeply understand their business, and immediately respond to their needs.

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In their words: what our employees say

“Evive is a place where you can be given compelling responsibilities at a young age. It is a wonderful place to get an in-depth understanding of both technical crunches and business impacts. Evive has empowered me to realize my potential as a lead, and it constantly challenges me to be better.”

Gagan Sain Lead, Business Analyst Team

“I have the great pleasure of leading the Evive Data Science team, a young and talented group. We provide solutions to daily bread-and-butter issues, and enthusiastically tackle advanced machine learning/AI areas, such as deep learning. The future of benefits analytics is here!”

Dr. Arun Rajagopalan Director, Data Science

“It’s exciting to work with and learn from people in diverse roles. Working on new projects with amazing people has been a pure joy. Evive has a very unique culture, which helps us to have a great work/life balance. There are plenty of opportunities to grow technically, both as an individual contributor as well as a lead.”

Priya Jain Lead, DevOps

“Evive makes sure each raw idea is shaped, refined, and groomed perfectly into a successful product through support, guidance, and trust. It has always been a promising adventure for me here. It’s an awesome place for those who have the thirst to take on challenges, the enthusiasm to accomplish, and a determined disposition.”

Santhosh Kumar Manager, Business Analyst Team

“For more than three years, Evive has felt like my second home. I learn different things and enjoy working with colleagues who are like a family. Your work and effort here will be noticed, valued, and encouraged, so you will get what you deserve.”

Vijendra S.K. Senior Data Engineer

“Our R&D Centre boasts a bunch of proud, smart, and compassionate folks, and Evive goes above and beyond to ensure their wellbeing. We strongly believe the onus is on us to spread knowledge and bring about change, one life at a time.”

Trisha Singh Manager, Human Resources

“It’s amazing to work with Evive. We believe that the best way to get something done is to begin. We move fast with stable infrastructure. To achieve our goal, all we need is the plan, the roadmap, and the courage.”

Shivam Purwar Manager, IT Infrastructure

“I have been a part of Evive since the R&D team began. It has been a great journey for me with Evive. As the company grew, we as individuals grew with it. I made some long-lasting friends here too. I am sure Evive will be an extraordinary, lifelong phase for me.”

Gourav Thakkar Software Development Manager

“While work is important, Evive dependably ensures that you carry on with your life, too. The company cares that you are happy with what you’re working on, which is what we’re all enthusiastic about. Each person’s opinion is valued. I’m very happy to be a part of this family.”

Pragnya Rao Lead, Business Analyst Team

“Evive is an awesome environment for beginners learning all advanced technologies and processes. Here you’ll get more responsibility and a chance to prove yourself, which will make you strong in your life. You will get the ability of making tough decisions.”

Ramesh Katiyar QA Manager

“Fresh out of college, nervous but determined, I stepped into Evive with no idea what was to come. What followed was a journey into the world of benefits engagement, and exposure into how Evive touches so many lives every day! Evive is an exciting experience that has constantly been nurturing the learner and leader in me.”

Dhanur Aashray Business Analyst

“I’ve been with Evive for more than two years. It’s a wonderful place to start a career, where I discovered plenty of opportunities to learn new technologies and leadership skills. The amazing work culture and constant support from colleagues will help you explore your ideas and do great things.”

Shiwali Sonwani Senior Lead, Quality Assurance

“At Evive, we believe in working on the latest and greatest in technology. Our cutting-edge technologies provide an ever-increasing opportunity to learn. Each day comes with an exciting challenge and opportunity, and the extremely approachable peers make it a delightful experience to work here.”

Shubham Jethwa Software Developer

“Evive is a place for passionate people, where I have never heard a “No.” The latest technologies are not the only thing it has to offer—the culture makes each individual uniquely recognized and valued, making us feel like a family. Evive pushes you to grow, always encouraging you to tackle the next challenge.”

Anurag Vyas Senior Lead, Quality Assurance

“I started as an intern right out of college, and grew from a rookie programmer to a lead. Evive has an ideal working environment, with meticulous projects and evolving experiences. It is definitely a milestone in my career path and skill growth.”

Prachi Chaturvedi Junior Architect, Software Development

“Evive is a fun-filled learning experience. It has a fine balance between the in-depth book clubs, expert code reviews, shared learning sessions, and powerful yoga, good food, and office parties.”

Ashish Disawal Manager, DevOps