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Case Study

8 Essential Engagement Solution Traits

November 4, 2021

Increase Utilization and Decrease Claims Costs With Data

A Checklist to Help You Choose the Right Engagement Solution

Many payers are using engagement solutions to reach members directly regarding the benefit options that could help them the most. If you’re considering new ways to get members more involved in managing their own health, Evive helps ignite engagement and foster better outcomes.

The difference between us and them? We personalize the experience using the power of data, delivering personalized, automated messages to members in a way that wasn’t possible previously. That’s right — no more mass messaging. Instead, it’s curated campaigns with specific calls to action, encouraging members to engage and utilize their benefits.

Not all engagement solutions are created equal. The best ones build a complete profile of each member from rich data sources, sending the right message with the right resource at the right time. With every interaction, platforms like Evive’s continually learn about what motivates members to act, increasing the odds of engagement over time.

Download this checklist to discover what you need out of an engagement solution.